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Illustrated Headshots

Branded portraits to engage your audience

Consider a headshot that represents your team’s likeness, embodies your brand and exemplifies your creativity all at the same time. Illustrated headshots provide a great opportunity to showcase your personality while giving customers that face-to-face connection that is so important in our digital world. As social creatures, we’re more likely to put faith in and and relate to brands and individuals whose faces we know.

Whether you’re using illustrated headshots in your email signature or in a company-wide directory page, these images will set your team apart while building trust and openness.


Sample Styles

Painted Portrait Style

Are you a phenomenally creative team making ground-breaking discoveries? Of course! And we created this painted style of headshot with you in mind.


Realistic Whiteboard Style

Professionally quirky, this style is great for business cards, websites, and email signatures. In fact, we use it in our own company communications.


Cartoon Whiteboard Style

Keep it clean and simple with a dash of sass. This adaptable style works well across digital and print media, whether small or the billboard-sized.

Where you can use your illustrated headshots:

  • Email signature
  • Your website’s “Staff” page
  • Business cards
  • Editorial signatures
  • Social Media
  • Profile Pictures



Why illustration?

  • Adaptable to branded colors.
  • Creates cohesive, professional look on staff pages.
  • Saves money! No need to hire a photographer year after year.
  • Looks great on business cards.
  • Matches the tone of your brand, whether casual and fun or formal and polished.
  • Shy about photos? Have more control over the final product.
  • Say more about yourself! Love cats and frisbee? We can draw that.
  • Hand-drawn look adds charm to your media.
  • Unique look helps you stand out.

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